Cancer you're a dick! 

A place for me to share my husband Al's journey with Myeloma (incurable blood cancer)

I hope by sharing our stories, little victories, resources & my own experiences of going from wife to carer, I might be able to help others feel less alone, scared & overwhelmed. 

The adventure we never expected!

My account of us learning to live with multiple myeloma.

From diagnosis to the now.

Our myeloma mountain diaries

What the F**k is Myloma...

The loneliest journey any one will ever take is caring for a sick loved one.

I really hope to  share some wee gems that helped me feel less alone. 

Carers corner

Being a carer is bloody hard yakka!

In the overwhelming world of diagnosis you go from often discovering you have a cancer that you didn't know existed until you become unwell!  


Here are some resources we found really helpful in what felt like a minefield of cancer babble. 

Useful info & resources

Information overload is flipping exausting 

A list of things we have discovered along the way that family & friends should or shouldn't say & do. Sounds harsh but unless you have been through cancer its hard to know what to say when a loved one or friend is battling cancer. Hopefully this will help with that feeling on oh shit what do I say or how can I help? 

How to help a warrior

& their loved ones without adding more stress 


Our Myeloma Mountain

Loving someone with incurable cancer.

From diagnosis to how we learnt to cope


This isn't a short story, a lot of people know my husband Al was diagnosed with myeloma in 2016. Due to having to take time off from the cafe and the impact this has had on our opening hours we have had to be pretty open about why I have not always been around. However this is the first time I have felt ready to write about our cancer journey from my perspective. It is not a short story, nor can it be told in one sitting but it is from the heart and I hope it will help others in similar circumstances realise they are not alone.

Part 1 

Not our normal mountain

Part 3

Treatment - Treatable not curable

Part 5

Finding a new norm

Part 2


Part 4

Shit just got real - From wife to carer

Part 6

Stem cell harvest & transplant

Carers Corner

Below you will find blog posts for the carers out there, its a bloody hard job but I hope you know you are not alone.