Our Myeloma Mountain

Loving someone with incurable cancer.

From diagnosis to how I learnt to cope



This isn't a short story, a lot of people know my husband Al was diagnosed with myeloma in 2016. Due to having to take time off from the cafe and the impact this has had on our opening hours we have had to be pretty open about why I have not always been around. However this is the first time I have felt ready to write about our cancer journey from my perspective. It is not a short story, nor can it be told in one sitting but it is from the heart and I hope it will help others in similar circumstances realise they are not alone.

Part 1 

Not our normal mountain

Part 3

Treatment - Treatable not curable

Part 5

Finding a new norm

Part 2


Part 4

Shit just got real - From wife to carer

Part 6

Stem cell harvest & transplant