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Have Confidence In Yourself

Cooking should be enjoyed and shared; it doesn't need to be a chore or a hidden fear. So take a deep breath, reach for a glass of your favourite wine or beer , turn some music on, shove on an apron, warm up the oven and away you go. Don't over-think everything, don't tell yourself you can't get the timings right, that you don't have the correct pan or that you couldn't get the exact ingredients you wanted.

Cooking is all about experimenting, tasting, enjoying, socialising and having a laugh.

Good food doesn't mean slaving over a hot stove for three hours. Making a sexy antipasti or simple salad is, in my eyes, more of a skill than chaining yourself to the oven for the day. It's sociable, fun, healthy and delicious. Simple fresh and fuss-free is the way forward. Let your artistic side come out and play.

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