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I started the blog side of this site to reach people who might be experiencing the same challenges as Al and `I to share some of the lessons we have learnt, to tell them they are not alone and maybe help in my own small way. 

A lots of folk have asked me why I have been spending so much time writing blogs etc on top of the cafe day job, writing a new cook book and supporting al through his journey with cancer. The letters below that I have received are the reason why. 


Hi Kirsten,


I wanted to send you a message to tell you how inspirational you are. Not only in your career, but also in the way you appreciate health and happiness in your life.


Your honesty and positive outlook makes me feel incredibly lucky and grateful every time I see your posts. They put other aspects of life into perspective, a challenging thing to do in modern day social media. 


I share your passion for NZ hospitality, after living in Dunedin until the age of 11 and having a kiwi father. I would love to work in or own a cafe like yours one day.


I am currently going into my 4th year at medical school and your appreciation of the NHS reminds me what a privileged position I am in to one day be able to try and help the lives of others in need. 


You and your husband are both doing an amazing job and are so lucky to have each other (and your lovely dog). 


Just read your blog and am in bits, my mum has breast cancer and cannot praise the Macmillan staff enough.


I cant imagine what you are going through, just wanted to give you a internet hug and say I am thinking of you both and following the blog intently 


I cannot imagine how you get through each day x 


From one chef to another x

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