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Below you will fine links to some of the Radio and podcast projects I have been involved in.

Listen Up

Podcast with Ghillie Basan

This summer Al and I sat down for a chat with the awesome Ghillie Basan.

We talked about being a female head chef and owner, childhood foods, living with cancer, having a mental breakdown and the joy food gives me.

Pop over to her site to have a listen.

BBC Grow It

I have been fortunate to be a regular contributor to the BBC's 'Grow It' programme. It is a show that is totally up my street as it is all about gardening, growing your own food and cooking it, simple as.

Pop over to their site and check it out.

BBC Kitchen Cafe

I have been cooking with the BBC Kitchen Cafe legends since 2014. The show is focused on getting the best from Scotland's wonderful natural larder offering weekly recipes, reviews, tips and delicious ideas from some of Scotland's top chefs.

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