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I hope you enjoy! This is a scary & nerve-wracking thing for me to do.

I’ve always been at ease sharing recipes, top tips & my passion for food but sharing a glimpse into my personal life along with my beliefs/opinions is a different kettle of fish. It may be quite raw at times as much as humorous hopefully. I just want to be honest. 


I aim to share a view into what inspires me. Alongside this I’ll add my stories of real life, along with a glimpse into what makes me tick & what helps me stay mentally well. Hopefully without harping on or being preachy. 


I hope that I can help or inspire others. 

My Grantown

Take a wander down my High Street

See why I love Grantown so much

Mental Health

Speaking about the un-speakable
I hope to offer comfort that its ok not to be ok,
 how to cope when shit hits the fan, how I got well & stay well... 

Community Stuff

Stuff & things I have been involved with locally

Every Day is a

School Day


Tips and tricks I have picked up

 along the way 

Boss Lady

Stories, rants, opinions & the true nitty gritty of running your own kitchen/mega busy cafe.

Dear Cancer You're a...


Loving someone with incurable cancer

From diagnosis to how we learnt to cope

Kj's Library


Books I flipping love!




Links to podcasts & radio shows
 I have been part of...